28 Pulses

Abnormal Depth Floating Obtainable with light pressure Floating Clearly felt with light pressing, somewhat weak with heavy pressing Exterior patterns
Scallion stalk Floating and large with an empty center, like a scallion stalk Blood loss, yin damage
Soggy Floating, fine, and soft Vacuity, damp
Scattered Floating, scattered without root, disappears with pressing Scattering of original qi, imminent expiry of viscera and bowel qi
Drumskin Floating under the finger, hollow center and hard outside Essence blood vacuity cold
Deep Begin to obtain with heavy pressing Deep Not clear with light pressing, clear with heavy pressing Interior patter, depression pattern, water swelling
Hidden Clear with heavy pressing, finally obtained when the bone is found Blocked evil, reverting pattern, extreme pain, yang debility
Confined Replete, large, string-like and long with heavy pressing Internal exuberance of cold accumulation, mounting, accumulations and conglomerations
Abnormal Rate Rapid Pulse arrives rapidly Rapid 90 BPM or more Heat pattern
Racing 120 BPM or more Extreme heat patterns, yin exhaustion floating yang
Stirred Pulse jumps like a bean, slippery, rapid, and with force. Pain pattern, palpitation pattern
Slippery Arrives smoothly, the fingers feel roundness and slipperiness Phlegm food accumulation, repletion heat
Slow Pulse arrives slowly Slow 60 BPM or fewer Cold pattern
Moderate 60 BPM Spleen vacuity, damp patterns
Rough Arrives roughly, slowly and stagnating, like a light knife scraping bamboo Essence damage, blood depletion, qi stagnation, blood stasis
Abnormal Force Vacuous Pulse arrives without force Vacuous Lacks force, empty and vacuous with pressure Dual vacuity of qi and blood
Faint Extremely fine, extremely soft, sometimes present, sometimes not Slightly critical case of yang qi debility
Weak Deep, fine, without force Insufficient qi and blood