Summary Of TCM Treatment

excess cold si ni tang: relatively severe cases with yang deficiency ren12, st25, ren6, st34, st36, st37, sp4, sp6
laing fu wan: relatively mild cases
da huang fu zi tang: with constipation
da jian zhong tang: with severe pain, vomiting, underlying Spleen yang deficiency
cao guo yin: with external cold-damp invasion, acute, nausea & vomiting
deficient cold xiao jian zhong tang ren12, st25, ren6, ren4, ren7, st30, st36, sp4, sp6, kd3, li11
fu zi li zhong wan: with Spleen yang deficiency
wen pi tang: with Spleen yang deficiency and constipation
zhen wu tang: with Kidney yang deficiency and edema
dang gui si ni tang: with cold and blood stagnation in the channels
ai fu nuan gong wan: with cold accumulation in the uterus
sheng hua tang: with post-partum cold and blood stagnation
nuan gan jian: with cold and qi stagnation in the genitals
wen jing tang: with cold and deficiency of chong and ren mai
heat da cheng qi tang: yang ming bowel heat with constipation st25, st37, st39, st44, ub25
st 34: with severe pain
du14, li11, li4: with fever
gb39, sj5, gb34: with shao yang symptoms
sj6: with constipation
li11: with diarrhea
da huang mu dan tang: with umbilical and right iliac fossa pain
shao yao tang: with damp or toxic heat in the intestines
yin qiao hong jiang jie du tang: toxic heat in the uterus
qing re jie du hua yu tang: chronic damp heat and blood stagnation following unresolved toxic heat
huang lian xiang ru yin: with summerheat
liver qi stagnation chai hu shu gan san: predominantly excess with some heat ren6, st25, st21, lv13, lv3, pc6, gb34, sj6, st36
sp6, ub18, ub23: with blood or yin deficiency
lv5, sp8: for severe pain
lv5: with testicular pain
yintang, ht7: for nervous, anxious, or tense patients
liu mo tang: qi stagnation with constipation
tong xie yao fang: with Spleen deficiency, pain, and urgent diarrhea; for chronic cases combine with chai hu shu gan san
xiao yao san: Liver qi stagnation with Spleen qi and Blood deficiency
Yi Guan Jian: with Liver qi stagnation and yin deficiency
tian tai wu yao san: affecting the Liver channel and genitals
blood stagnation shao fu zhu yu tang: blood stagnation with cold, especially in the lower abdomen blood stagnation in the reproductive system:
ashi points, st29, zigong, ren6, sp8, sp6, sp10, li4, lv3, ub17
xue fu zhu yu tang: liver qi and blood stagnation
xiao chai hu tang: qi and blood stagnation affecting shao yang
fu yuan huo xue tang: blood stagnation following trauma blood stagnation in the intestines:
ashi points, st25, ren6, ub25, sp10, sp6, sp4, li4, lv3
tao he cheng qi tang: severe blood stagnation in the intestines or uterus with heat
gui zhi fu ling wan: benign gynecological masses with mild pain
food stagnation bao he wan ren12, st25, ren6, st36, st40, li10, st44
sp4, st34, sp8, st21: severe pain
pc6: nausea
sp5: borborygmus
st37, sj6: constipation
sp6, ub20: Spleen deficiency
gb34: liver qi stagnation
zhi shi dao zhi wan: food stagnation with damp-heat
tiao wei cheng qi tang: to purge the stagnation for extreme discomfort
jian pi wan: food stagnation with Spleen deficiency
liu jun zi tang: to strengthen the digestion longer term
worm accumulation zhui chong wan: any type of worm ren12, st25, sp15, ren6, st36, sp3, st40, sp6, ub20, ub21
pc6: with nausea
sp4 or sp5: abdominal bloating
sp6, ub20: Spleen deficiency
qu tao tang: tapeworms
wu mei wan: intestinal roundworms
gu syndrome (unwanted lodgers) zi su ye, bo he, bai zhi


Related Diseases: acute or chronic enteritis, intestinal tumor, intestinal tuberculosis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, chronic appendicitis, fecal impaction.