Auricular  Points

Name Location Action & Indications
Middle Ear Helix crus “Diaphragm
â Rebellious qi of STExpel WindReg. Fx of diaphragm
Jaundice !!!S/S/Dz. of digestive system & skin
Lower Portion of Rectum End of Helix crus approx toSuperior Tragic Notch ConstipationAnal prolapseExternal & Internal Hemorrhoids


Urethra On helix crus at level w/ lower border of Inferior A-H crus EnuresisUrinary frequency, urgency, painful & retention
External Genitalia On Helix crus at level with upper border of Inferior A-H crus Inflammation of external genital organsEczema of perineumImpotence
Anterior Ear Apex Area between ear apex & Superior Root of Auricle “Hemorrhoid Nucleus” – old
                                                            I: External & Internal HemorrhoidsUsed as an assistant for dx above
Ear Apex eyes, HTN At tip of auricle & superior to helix when folded towards tragus Removing Heat & windAntispasmodicAnalgesic

Pacifying LIV, Clearing vision

                                                            I: FeverHTN  !!Inflammation of eyes

Painful dzs

Liver Yang At auricular tubercle “Darwin’s Tubercle”Liv Qi StagnationLiv Yang  preponderance
Helix 1 through 6 Region from Lower border of Auricular tubercle to midpoint of lower border of lobule & is divided into 5 equal parts. Clarifying HeatRelieving PainPacifying LIV & removing Wind


Finger At top of scapha Pain & dysfx at corresp area of body
Interior TubercleItching Midpt between. Finger & Wrist “Urticaria” or “Allergic Pt”
Expelling Wind &Stop ITCHING
Wrist Midway between Finger & Elbow Pain & dysfx at corresp. area of body
Elbow Mid way between Finger & Clavicle Pain & dysfx at corresp. area of body
Shoulder Midway between Elbow & Clavicle Pain & dysfx at corresp. area of body
Clavicle On Scapha at level with Helix-Tragic Notch Pain & dysfx at corresp. area of bodyPeripheral Arthritis of shoulderTakayushu’s Dz (pulseless dz)
Toe Superior & Lateral angle of Superior A-H crus Pain & dysfx at corresp. area of body
Heel Superior & Medial angle of Superior A-H crus Heel pain
Ankle Midway between heel & knee Ankle sprain, pain & dysfx at corresp. area of body
Knee Middle portion of Superior A-H crus Pain & dysfx at corresp. area of body sprain & arthritis of knee joint
Hip At Inferior 1/3 of the superior A-H crus Pain at corresponding area
Buttocks At lateral 1/3 of the Inferior A-H crus Pain at corresponding area
Ischium At Medial 2/3 of Inferior A-H crus “Sciatic Nerve”Tx sciatica
End Of Inferior Antihelix Crus Terminal of Inferior Antihelix crus “Sympathetic Nerve”


There is the “Antihelix” and the

“principal part of he antihelix.”

AntispasmoticAnalgesiaN+ Yin & Supporting Yang
Pain of Internal organsPalpitationsSpontaneous sweating

Night sweating

Functional d/o or ANS

Cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral vertebrae A curved line from helix-tragic notch to the branching area of the superior & inferior antihelix crus. It can be divided into 3 equal segments.Lower ½ is cervical vertebraemiddle ½ thoracic vertebrae

Upper ½ is Lumbosacral vertebrae

Str+ spine & N+ marrowCAM on ANTI-HELIX

Pain at corresponding part of spine

Neck On border of cavum conchae of Cervical Vertebrae Strained neck, wry neckPain or dysfx of the neck
Chest On border of cavum conchae of Theracic Vertebrae Pain & stuffiness of the chest or pain at the corresponding part of body,.
Abdomen On the border of cymba conchae of Lumbosacral Vertebrae Abdominal or gynecological dzsLumbago
Ear   !!!  Know At bifurcating pt between Superior & Inferior Antihelix crus & the lateral 1/3 of triangular fossa Shen Men   = Ear, new name
Sedation, easing mindRelieving painClearing Heat
Triangular Fossa       (Depression) In triangular fossa & in the depression close to the midpt of helix “Tian Kui”“Uterine Seminal Palaace”S+ Yang & N+ Essence

Reg. menstruation, H+ Blood, GYN

  ImpotenceProstates, etc.
Superior Triangle At   the superior-lateral angle of Triangular Fossa “Lowering Blood Pressure”
Pacifying LIV, removing wind
Superior Tragus  


old name “Ear”

On the Supratragic notch close to helix


“Ear”   – the OLD name !!!
N+ KID-waterSubduing LIV Yang
Ear dzsDizziness, vertigo
Nose In center of lateral aspect of tragus “External Nose”
“Internal Nose”Obstruc. noseAllergic Rhinitis Nose“External Nose”Furuncles

Brandy nose

Removing obstruction from the meridians in the nose region
Brandy-nose, nose problemsNose furuncles, Nasal Obstruction
Supratragic Apex 

Upper Apex of Tragus

At the tip of upper protuberance on border of tragus “Tragic Apex”Upper Apex of Trgus
Reducing HeatRelieving pain
Lower Tragic Apex  


Lower Apex of Tragus

At the tip of lower tubercle on border of tragus “Adrenal” 
Reducing HeatRelieving painAntispasmotic

Expelling Wind


Pharynx-Larynx (throat) Upper half of medial aspect of tragus = INSIDE aspect Clarifying obstructions of the pharynx & larynx
Acute & chronic pharyngitis & chronic laryngitis, tonsillitis
Internal Nose Lower ½ of medial aspect of tragus= INSIDE aspect Removing obstructions of the nose
Allergic RhinitisOther nose dzs
Antitragic Apex At tip of antitragic


also Middle Cymba Concha

or Periphery Umbilicus –  a fx parototis

“Soothing Asthma” or “Parotid”
Str+ LU, stops asthmaClears us Heat & AntitoxinExpels wind
Asthma, bronchitisParotititsItching Skin
Central Rim & Middle Border Midpt betw antitragic apex & Helixtragic notch“to fill brain drain old” – enuresis “Brain”Replenishing brain & easing mind
Oligophrenia (incomplete development of intelligence; also “brain pt”).  Both Brain zones have this fxEnuresis





                             Tai Yang

At posterior superior corner of lateral aspect of anti tragus “Tai Yang”Sedation, easing the mindAnalgesia

Removing Wind

DizzinessH/AInsomnia, etc
Temple                             Shao Yang On antitragus betw forehead & occiput “Shao Yang”  !!!
Forehead                             Yang Ming H/A Anterior Inferior corner of Lateral Aspect of Antitragus Sedationanalgesia
Yang Ming H/A   !!!
Brain                                  “for pain” “Subcortex”Reinforcing marrow & replenishing brainRelieving pain & easing mind
  Oligophrenia both Brain zones this fxReplenish brain so can develop moreInsomnia, dream disturbed sleep

tinnitus d/t KID deficiency  -midterm !!

Periphery of Helix Crus

Mouth Close to posterior & superior border  of orifice of external auditory meatus Clear HT Fire !!Remove pathogenic Wind
Facial paralysisStomatitis, etc
Esophagus At medial 2/3 of inferior aspect of helix crus Reg Fx of DIAPHRAGMH+ STOM
DysphagiaEsophagitis, etc
Stomach At area where helix crus terminates H+ STOM, F+ SP & MJEasing mind
InsomniaGastritis, Gastroduodenal Ulcer, gastric d.o.
Duodenum At lateral 1/3 of superior aspect of helix crus Warming MJ  H+ STOM
Duodenal UlcerPylorospasm, etc
SI At midd ½ of superior aspect of helix crus Reinforcing SP , H+ MJN+ HT, producing blood
IndigestionPalpitations !!, etc
Appendix  Between SI & LI Clearing up Damp-Heat from LJ
C.O. Lateral ½ of inferior aspect of Helix crus Hiatal HerniaEsophageal refluxAppendicitis

Diarrhea, etc

LI                                Know!! At medial 1/3 of superior aspect of helix crus Clearing up LJReplenishing LU qi  !!!!
LIVER At posterior aspect of STOM & Duodenum Clearing up LIV, brightening visionP+ smooth circ of Qi & Blood to relax muscles & tendons
  Liv Qi stagEye dzsLateral-lower abd d/o
Pancreas/Gallbladder Between LIV & KID Replenishing GB & STOMRemoving LIV Qi StagLiv Wind removal
Dz & S/s of Bile ductPancreatitisMigraines, etc.
Kidney On the lower border of the Inferior antihelix crus directly above SIDiplacusis = abnormal perception of sound in time or pitch, hear 2 sounds a 1. T+ KID, P+ hearingStr+ Bone, filling up marrow
Nephritis & TinnitusLumbagoDiplacusis
Spermatorrhea, Impotence, etc.
Ureter Between KID & BLAD Stone & colic pain of ureter
Bladder On lower border of Inferior antihelix crus, directly ABOVE   LI

“too much leaking and not enough”

Reinforcing LJ, lower back
Lower back pain, sciaticaCystitisEnuresis – also Brain/Subcortex fx

Retention of urine

Angle of Cymba Concha At medial superior angle of Cymba concha Clarifying LJRemoving obstruction from urethra
Middle Cymba Concha In center of cymba concha


Ascariasis also:

Root of Auricular Vagus Nerve

Antitragic Notch for parotitis too

“Periphery Umbilicus”
Reg MJ & H+ SP
Low feverAbdominal DistensionAscariasis of Bile duct

Impaired Hearing

Parotitis, etc

Oligophrenia = incomplete development of intelligence


Ametropia =


Pseudomypoia =


Diplaucis = abnormal perception of sound in time or pitch, hear 2 sounds as 2.