Eight Herb Powder for Rectification
Clear Damp Heat

Actions: Clears heat, promotes urination, and ublocks painful urinary dysfunction.

Pattern: Hot or bloody painful urinary dysfunction caused by the clumping of damp-heat in the lower burner.

Mu Tong:  3-6g
Hua Shi:  12-30g
Che Qian Zi:  9-15g
Qu Mai:  6-12g
Bian Xu:  6-12g
Zhi Zi:  3-9g
Zhi Da Huang:  6-9g
Deng Xin Cao:  3-6g
Gan Cao:  3-9g

Indications: Dark, turbid, scanty, difficult, and painful urination, a dry mouth and throat, a yellow, greasy tongue coating, and a slippery, rapid pulse. In severe cases, there may be urinary retention and lower abdominal distention and pain.

Hua Shi and Gan Cao soothe the tissues
Che Qian Zi is a gentle, bland, diuretic.

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