Pinellia Decoction to Drain the Epigastrium

Harmonize the Stomach & Intestines

Actions: Harmonizes the Stomach, directs rebellious qi downward, disperses clumping, and eliminates focal distention.

Pattern: focal distention due to improper purging of an exterior or half-exterior, half-interior condition in a patient with underlying Stomach deficiency.

Ban Xia 9g
Gan Jiang 9g
Huang Qin 9g
Huang Lian 3g
Ren Shen 9g
Da Zao 12 pieces
Zhi Gan Cao 9g

Indications: Epigastric focal distention, fullness and tightness with very slight or no pain, dry heaves or frank vomiting, borborygmus with diarrhea, reduced appetite, a thin, yellow, and greasy tongue coating, and a wiry, rapid pulse.