Cubit Marsh

He-Sea and Water point of the Lung channel

Location: On the cubital crease of the elbow, in the depression at the radial side of the tendon of biceps brachii.


  • Clears heat from the Lung
  • Descends rebellious qi
  • Regulates the water passages
  • Activates the channel, relaxes the sinews and alleviates pain


  • Important point to clear excess or deficiency heat from the Lung: coughing, coughing phlegm, shortness of breath, fullness of the chest, wheezing, asthma.
  • For heat-induced bleeding from the Lung or Stomach: vomiting or coughing of blood, nosebleed.
  • Regulates urination: swelling of the four limbs, enuresis, frequent urination.
  • Regulates the Lung and Heart: pain and agitation of the Heart: pain and agitation of the Heart.
  • Occupies a central position on the arm and treats pain and restricted movement of the shoulder, upper arm, elbow and hand, especially wandering pain. Also lumbar and knee pain.