Formula Ingredients Pattern Actions Indications
Bai Hu Tang
White Tiger Decoction
Shi Gao Blazing heat in Yang Ming Channel stage or qi level Clears qi level heat
Drains ST fire
Generates fluids
Alleviates thirst
High fever with profuse sweating and aversion to heat, red face, severe thirst and irritability, headache, toothache, bleeding of gums and nose.
P: flooding, forceful or slippery, rapid
(4 bigs)
Zhi Mu
Zhi Gan Cao
Geng Mi
Bai Hu Jia Ren Shen Tang
White Tiger plus Ginseng Decoction
Bai Hu Tang Injury to qi and fluids Fever, thirst, profuse sweating, generalized weakness.
P: large, forceless
Ren Shen
Zhu Ye Shi Gao Tang
Lophatherus and Gypsum Decoction
Dan Zhu Ye
Shi Gao
Qi-level heat lingering in LU and ST where it injures qi and fluids. Clears heat
Generates fluids
Augments qi
Harmonizes ST
Lingering fever (from febrile disease) with vomiting, irritability and thirst, parched mouth, lips and throat, choking cough, stifling sensation in chest, restlessness, insomnia.
T: red with little coat
P: deficient, rapid
Ren Shen
Mai Men Dong
Ban Xia
Zhi Gan Cao
Geng Mi
Zhi Zi Dou Chi Tang
Gardenia and Prepared Soybean Decoction
Zhi Zi Qi-level heat lingering in superficial aspects (muscles and chest) of yang ming stage. Clears heat
Alleviates restlessness and irritability
Fever, irritability, insomnia with tossing and turning in bed, stifling sensation in chest with soft epigastrium.
T: slightly yellow coat
P: slightly rapid or strong, floating at distal
Dan Dou Chi