Botanical Name: Sepiae Endoconcha

Hai Piao Xiao

Hai Piao Xiao

Category: Stabilize & Bind

Taste: Salty, Astringent

Temperature: Slightly Warm

Channels Entered: Kidney, Liver, Stomach

Dosage: 6-12g

Cautions & Contraindications:

  • Extended use may lead to constipation.
  • According to some traditional sources, this herb antagonizes Zhi Fu Zi and Bai Ji.

Actions & Indications:

  • Restrains, holds in, and stops bleeding: for a wide variety of bleeding patterns, especially those from deficiency. Also used topically as a powder to stop bleeding from traumatic injury.
  • Secures the essence and stops discharge: for nocturnal emissions, premature ejaculation, or vaginal discharge due to Kidney deficiency. It is so effective as stopping vaginal discharge that it is used for that purpose from a variety of causes.
  • Controls acidity and alleviates pain: used to harmonize Stomach acidity where the symptoms are stomach or epigastric pain, distasteful belching, or acid regurgitation.
  • Resolves dampness and promotes healing: used topically in powdered form for chronic, non-healing skin ulcers or damp rashes of long duration.