Hu Po

Anchor, Settle & Calm the Spirit

Taste: Sweet
Temperature: Neutral
Channels Entered: Bladder, Heart, Liver

Dosage: 1.5-3g; do not decoct or calcine

Key Characteristics:

  • Settles and calms the spirit
  • Unblocks blood stagnation
  • Facilitates urination

Cautions & Contraindications:

  • Contraindicated in cases of yin deficiency with heat signs.

Actions & Indications:

  • Arrests tremors and palpitations and calms the spirit: for palpitations with anxiety, excessive dreams, insomnia, forgetfulness, anxiety, and seizures due to disturbance of the spirit.  Also used for childhood convulsions and seizures.
  • Invigorates the blood, dissipates stasis, and unblocks the menses: for amenorrhea or pain associated with palpable fixed masses due to blood stasis.  Can be used alone for this purpose.  Also recently used in treating coronary artery disease.
  • Promotes urination and unblocks painful urinary dribbling: for urinary retention or painful urinary dribbling, especially with bloody urine.
  • Reduces swelling and promotes healing: topically applied for sores, carbuncles, and ulcerations of the skin.  Also for swelling and pain in the area of the scrotum or vulva.