Botanical Name: Gigeriae Galli Endothelium Corneum

Ji Nei Jin

Ji Nei Jin

Category: Relieve Food Stagnation

Taste: Sweet

Temperature: Neutral

Channels Entered: Stomach, Spleen, Small Intestine, Bladder

Dosage: 3-9g

Cautions & Contraindications:

  • Use with caution in those with Spleen deficiency where food stagnation is absent.

Actions & Indications:

  • Strongly reduces food stagnation and improves the Spleen’s transportive function: for various types of food stagnation. Used alone for mild cases, usually dry-fried and powdered. Also important in the treatment of childhood nutritional impairment.
  • Secures the essence and stops enuresis: for bed wetting, urinary frequency, and urination at night.
  • Transforms hardness and dissolves stones: for stones in either the urinary or biliary tract.
Ji Nei Jin

Ji Nei Jin