The back is divided into 7 vertebrae segments, often pain in one section is resolved by treating an area 7 vertebrae away.

T5 and T11,12 are very important for the whole spine.

G.B.39/38 (needle upwards) – very important for spine (use for scoliosis) Any spinal problem – check Ren12, 10, 13.

Tailbone injury:

  • U.B.66
  • LU8
  • C7/T1 Hua Tuo


  • Kid6 (black) + U.B.62 (red)


  • Huakaya G.B.31
  • T11,12 (it is a muscle contraction usually)

Top of iliac crest:

  • Immune pattern


  • This is SP9 category usually Check twisting (G.B.26)
  • Check inguinal area (possible viscero-ptosis – use ST13 outwards) Sacro-iliac ligaments
  • Check twisting (G.B.26)

Quadratus Lumborum:

  • Huakaya’s LU10.  Located on the fleshy part of the thenar eminence– treat with direct moxa, not needle.
  • KD7
  • Check of any spinal shifts/twists.


  • Usually related to sugar, treat SP3.2 + Odi (Right ST22), on the back T11,12 If right sided only – it is related to Liver – use left U.B.35

Upper Thoracic:

  • S.I.9/10 + Yao Yan
  • This area is related to emotional disturbance, circulation, or lungs

T4 – one sided – use HT7, or Ear Brainstem