For any knee pain: treat SP5 (red) and ST41 (black)

Bending or stretching problem:

  • ST31 area
  • ST Qi Points
  • Sacroiliac treatment

Check if quadriceps are lifted: use SP10 and ST34 to lift the muscle

Check Immune reflex.  Weak immunity=weak ligaments

Always check for structural imbalance.

Inner Knee Eye

  • Related to Spleen-SP4
  • Check GB26

Outer Knee Eye

  • GB41

Lateral Knee

  • GB31
  • UB25, UB36
  • LV4

Lateral Collateral Ligament (LCL)

  • LV8

KD10 Area

  • KD6


  • ST Qi Points

Structural Imbalances

  1. Dai Mai with rotation
  2. Four Corners
  3. Sacroiliac
  4. Fulcrum
  5. Visceroptosis
  6. Sphenoid
  7. Neurovascular Compression of the inner thigh

Master Kawaii Treatment

  • TW5 (black) and GB41 (red) on affected side
  • P6 (red) and SP4 (black) on affected side
  • + 3 fingers above SP10
  • + 3 fingers above GB33
  • + Xiyan