Common Symptoms: include neck pain, back spasm, low back problems, headache, chronic constipation, depression, restlessness, and gynecological symptoms.


  • Pressure pain at the coccyx and in the region of DU2
  • Pressure pain at right ST26-ST27


  • For flat back and tight quadratus lumborum, tonify the Kidney with KD7, GB25, UB23.
  • Moxa at GB25 and UB23 if cold.
  • For tight quadratus lumborum, massage and direct moxa at Hukaya’s LU10.
  • For pressure pain at coccyx, treat DU14 or Hua Tuo Jia Ji, KD16, LU8, and UB66.  Treat LU8 with 7-8 direct moxa.