Check Sugar Points

T10, T11, T12 at 45 degree angle toward spine

UB20, UB21 with flow of meridian

Check temperature of hands, feet, and sacrum

If there is back pain, sciatica, or knee pain

Treat for visceroptosis34e811c3db978a6548dedd1b5260c328

  • Treat ST13, ST33
  • Inner Yin – for groin
  • GB31 – for piriformis
  • Sugar Points, GB25, and UB23 – for back

3 weeks before due date

Recommend to client to consume no sugar, keep warm, especially hands, feet, and sacrum.

Visceroptosis treatment

  • Sugar Point area – DU line, Hua Tuo Jia Ji, UB line
  • Gao Huang Shu
  • SI Joint treatment, with kyutoshin if cold. ¬†Enough moxa to warm sacrum.
  • If tight muscles, add SP3.2. ¬†Use okyu during labor to soften cervix.
  • SI3 and SP6 to soften and open cervix.

On due date

Advise mother to eat a little sugar, and keep sacrum and feet warm

  • Treat Sugar Points
  • Erector muscles, especially at L2-L3
  • SI Joint treatment
  • SP3.2