Maximum Opening

Xi-Cleft point of the Lung channel

Location: On the flexor aspect of the forearm, on the line connecting Taiyuan LU9 with Chize LU5, 7 cun proximal to Taiyuan LU9.


  • Disseminates and descends Lung qi
  • Clears heat and moistens the Lung
  • Clears heat and stops bleeding
  • Moderates acute conditions


  • Xi-cleft point for acute Lung disorders: cough, wheezing, asthma, chest pain.
  • Xi-cleft point for attack of wind-heat or wind-dryness: swelling and pain of the throat, loss of voice, febrile disease with absence of sweating.
  • Xi-cleft point for bleeding disorders: coughing, spitting or vomiting blood.
  • Treats pain of the elbow, upper arm and fingers.