• Originates in the Middle Jiao, in the region of the Stomach, near REN12,
  • Descends to connect with the Large Intestine,
  • Returns upwards to pass the cardiac orifice of the stomach and transverses the diaphragm,
  • Penetrates the lung,
  • Ascends to the throat region,
  • Passes obliquely downwards towards LU1 where the channel emerges,
  • Ascends one rib space to LU2 in the center of the hollow of the delto-pectoral triangle,
  • Descends along the antero-lateral aspect of the upper arm, lateral to the Heart and Pericardium channels, to the cubital fossa of the elbow at LU5,
  • Passes along the antero-lateral aspect of the forearm towards the styloid process of the radius,
  • Follows the lateral border of the radial artery to the wrist at LU9,
  • Traverses the thenar eminence to terminate at the radial side of the thumbnail at LU11.
  • A branch separates from the main channel at LU7, at the styloid process, and travels directly to the radial side of the tip of the index finger, where it links with the Large Intestine channel at LI1.

The Lung primary channel connects with the Stomach, Large Intestine, and Lung.

The Lung primary channel meets with no other channels.

Cardiac orifice of the Stomach: the opening of the esophagus into the stomach.