Botanical Name: Myrrha

Mo Yao

Mo Yao

Category: Invigorate the Blood
Taste: Bitter
Temperature: Neutral
Channels Entered: Heart, Liver, Spleen

Dosage: 3-9g

Cautions & Contraindications:

  • Contraindicated in the absence of stasis, or during pregnancy.
  • Use with caution in those with weak stomachs.
  • Should not be used long term.

Actions & Indications:

  • Invigorates the blood and dispels blood stasis, reduces swelling, and alleviates pain: for problems due to blood stasis, including pain from trauma, sores, carbuncles, swellings, fixed abdominal masses, painful obstruction, chest pain, abdominal pain, and amenorrhea.
  • Promotes healing: used topically to promote the healing of chronic non-healing sores.