Botanical Name: Achyranthis bidentatae Radix

Niu Xi

Niu Xi

Category: Invigorate the Blood

Taste: Bitter, Sour

Temperature: Neutral

Channels Entered: Liver, Kidney

Dosage: 6-15g

Cautions & Contraindications:

  • Contraindicated during pregnancy or in those with excessive menstruation.

Actions & Indictions:

  • Invigorates the blood and dispels blood stasis: for blood stasis patterns with such symptoms as dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, and retained lochia. Also for post-traumatic pain.
  • Tonifies the Liver and Kidneys, strengthens the sinews and bones, and benefits the joints: for pain and soreness affecting the lower back and knees due to deficiency.
  • Induces the downward movement of blood and fire: for chaotic movement of hot blood in the upper burner or yin deficiency with ascending fire. Manifestations include nosebleed, vomiting blood, toothaches, and bleeding gums. Also for dizziness, headache, and blurred vision due to ascendant Liver yang.
  • Clears damp-heat in the lower burner: for cases of damp-heat pouring downward manifesting as knee pain or lower back damp painful obstruction. It is also an auxiliary herb for painful urinary dribbling or vaginal discharge. Especially useful for painful urinary dribbling with stones accompanied by lower back pain and bloody urine.