Botanical Name: Notoginseng Radix

San Qi

San Qi

Alternate Name: Tian Qi

Category: Stop Bleeding

Taste: Wweet, slightly Bitter

Temperature: Warm

Channels Entered: Liver, Stomach

Dosage: 3-9g in decoctions; 1-1.5g in pills and powders up to three times a day.

Key Characteristics: Stops bleeding without causing blood stasis, transforms blood stasis, reduces swelling and stops pain.  An essential herb for trauma & injury.

Cautions and Contraindications:

  • Seriously cautioned during pregnancy.

Actions and Indications:

  • Stops bleeding and transforms blood stasis: for internal and external bleeding including vomiting blood, nosebleed, and blood in the urine or stool. Because this herb can stop bleeding without causing blood stasis, it is very widely used.
  • Reduces swelling and alleviates pain: the herb of choice for traumatic injuries, used for swelling and pain due to falls, fractures, contusions, and sprains. Effective in invigorating the blood, it is used for chest and abdominal pain, as well as joint pain that has been caused by blood stasis. May also be used in the treatment of sores and abscesses.