Botanical Name: Dendrobii Herba

Shi Hu

Shi Hu

Category: Tonify the Yin

Taste: Sweet, Slightly Salty, Bland

Temperature: Slightly Cold

Channels Entered: Kidney, Stomach

Dosage: 6-12g

Cautions & Contraindications:

  • This herb can have the effect of retaining pathogens and aiding dampness, and therefore should not be used in the early stages of a warm pathogen disease, especially damp-warmth that has not yet transformed into dry-heat. It is also contraindicated in those with loose stools due to Spleen deficiency or those with a thick, greasy tongue coat.

Actions & Indications:

  • Nourishes the yin, clears heat, and generates fluids: for parched mouth, severe thirst, or intractable fever associated with yin deficiency. This most commonly occurs when the fluids are injured in the course of a warm pathogen disease, but it can also occur for other reasons.
  • Enriches the Kidney yin and reduces heat from deficiency: for heat from yin deficiency and depleted fluids with a recalcitrant low-grade fever, dry and painful throat, and a red tongue with no coating.
  • Tonifies the Kidneys, augments the essence, and brightens the vision: for diminished visual acuity, dizziness, and weakness of the lower back and legs associated with Kidney and Liver deficiency.
Shi Hu

Shi Hu