Governing Vessel(Du Mai) Opening: SI3Coupled: BL62Starting: DU1

Connecting: DU1

-Influences external genitalia, back, spine, back of neck and head, shoulder-Moves stagnation, Qi and blood in back


·       Tonifies Kidney-Yang·       Strengthens the back·       Nourishes the Brain and Marrow

·       Strengthens the Mind

·       Expels exterior Wind

·       Extinguishes interior Wind

Directing Vessel(Ren Mai) Opening: LU7Coupled: KI6Starting: Ren1

Connecting: Ren15

-Influences genitals, abdomen, thorax, lungs, throat, face, chest-Receives and carries Qi of all yin meridians ·       Nourishes Yin·       Regulates the Uterus·       Moves Qi in the Lower Burner and Uterus

·       Promotes the descending of Lung-Qi and the Kidneys’ receiving of Qi

·       Promotes the transformation, transportation and excretion of fluids

·       Activates the Triple Burner

·       Controls Fat Tissue and Membranes

·       Combination of Directing and GV pts

Penetrating Vessel(Chong Mai) Opening: SP4Coupled: PC6Starting: Ren 1


-Influences feet, medial aspect of legs, uterus, lumbar spine, abdomen, chest, heart, throat, face and head-Regulates flow of Qi and blood in all 12 meridians ·       Rebellious Qi of the Penetrating Vessel·       Blood stasis in gynecology·       Membranes

·       Female breast

·       Heart

·       Stomach

·       Circulation of Qi to feet

·       Ancestral muscles

Girdle Vessel(Dai Mai) Opening: GB41Coupled: TH5Starting: GB26 -Influences genitals, waist, hip, outer aspect of legs, sides of body, shoulder, neck, retroauricle, cheek, outer canthus-Binds all 12 meridians together and allows them to flow upwards and downwards with regularity

-Harmonizes Liver and Gall Bladder

·       Harmonizes Liver and Gall Bladder·       Resolves Dampness from Lower Burner·       Regulates circulation of Qi to legs

·       Affects Stomach-Qi in legs

·       Abdominal pain

·       Leucorrhea

·       Fullness and Emptiness of the Girdle Vessel

·       Hips

Yin Stepping Vessel(Yin Qiao Mai)  Opening: KI6Coupled: LU7Starting: KI6

Accumulation: KI8

-Influences inner side of legs, abdomen (only unilateral symptoms), eyes, throat, chest, lungs, face ·       Sleep·       Painful red eyes·       Atrophy Syndrome (Wei Syndrome)

·       Abdominal pain

Yang Stepping Vessel(Yang Qiao Mai)  Opening: BL62Coupled: SI3Starting: BL62

Accumulation: BL59

-Influences lateral aspect of leg, back, neck, head, shoulder, inner canthus-Regulates Bladder meridian ·       Absorbs Excess of Yang from head·       Eyes·       Mental problems

·       Back and sciatica

·       Hip

Yin Linking Vessel(Yin Wei Mai)  Opening: PC6Coupled: SP4Starting: KI9

Accumulation: KI9

-Influences chest, heart, stomach-Connects all Yin meridians, esp. Lung, Heart and Ren

-Dominates Interior

·       Nourishes blood and Yin·       Mental-emotional problems·       Headaches


Yang Linking Vessel(Yang Wei Mai) Opening: TH5Coupled: GB41Starting: BL63

Accumulation: GB35

-Influences lateral aspect of leg, sides of body, lateral aspect of neck and head, ears, outer canthus, ears, cheeks-Dominates the exterior ·       Intermittent fevers·       Sides of body·       Ear problems