Botanical Name: Pseudostellariae Radix

Tai Zi Shen

Tai Zi Shen

Category: Tonify the Qi


Taste: Sweet, Slightly Bitter

Temperature: Neutral

Channels Entered: Lung, Spleen


Dosage: 9-30g


Key Characteristics: Tonifies the qi and yin, but rather weakly.

Cautions and Contraindicaitons:

  • None

Actions and Indications:

  • Strenghtens the Spleen and augments the qi: for Spleen and Stomach deficiency with fatigue and lack of appetite. Also for Lung qi deficiency with spontaneous sweating.
  • Generates fluids: for thirst and injury to fluids after a febrile disease. Also for unrelenting fever or summerheat in children.