Lung LU6 Large Intestine LI7


Stomach ST34 Spleen SP8
Heart HT6 Small Intestine SI6
Bladder  UB63 Kidney KD5
Pericardium P4 San Jiao SJ7
Gallbladder GB36 Liver LV6
Xi-cleft points are where the qi and blood gather and plunge more deeply.  In general the xi-cleft points are indicated in the treatment of acute conditions and pain, while the xi-cleft of the yin channels are also indicated in treating disorders of the blood.


Acute conditions and pain.  On the yin channels treat disorders of the blood.  Nosebleed, coughing blood, blood in stool.  Found between the he-sea and ling rive, except in the stomach channel: ST-34.  No overlap between the shu transporting and xi-cleft.  Qi and blood accumulate in the xi-cleft points.  Each of the regular channels and 4 of the extraordinary vessels have a xi-cleft point.  These points can be used diagnostically.  A sharp or intense pain indicates a repletion, and a dull and mild pain or a depression in the skin surface indicates a vacuity.