Botanical Name: Panacis quinquefolii Radix

Xi Yang Shen

Xi Yang Shen

Category: Tonify the Yin


Taste: Sweet, Slightly Bitter

Temperature: Cold

Channels Entered: Heart, Kidney, Lung


Dosage: 3-6g; usually cooked separately in a double boiler.



Cautions & Contraindications:

  • Contraindicated in those with cold-dampness obstructing the middle, or fire from constraint.


Actions & Indications:

  • Benefits the qi, generates fluids, and nourishes the yin: for yin deficiency with heat signs and chronic, unabating fever. Also for the aftermath of a febrile disease with such symptoms as weakness, irritability, and thirst.
  • Nurtures the Lung yin and clears fire from the Lungs: for Lung qi and yin deficiency with depleted fluids and blazing fire from deficiency, which impairs the clearing and dispersing functions of the Lungs. The primary manifestation is long-term wheezing and coughing up blood, and loss of voice due to Lung yin deficiency.