Botanical Name: Arctii Fructus

Category: Cool, Acrid Release the Exterior

Niu Bang Zi

Niu Bang Zi

Taste: Bitter, Acrid
Temperature: Cold
Channels Entered: Lung, Stomach

Dosage: 6-12g; should be ground or crushed before decocting.

Cautions & Contraindications:

  • Use with caution in cases of Qi deficiency, diarrhea, or in the absence of excessive heat, as it is both cold and slippery.

Actions & Indications:

Niu Bang Zi

Niu Bang Zi

  • Disperses wind-heat and benefits the throat: for externally contracted wind-heat patterns with such symptoms as fever, cough, and a sore, red swollen throat.
  • Resolves toxicity and vents rashes: for red swellings, carbuncles, erythemas, mumps, and acute febrile maculopapular rashes, including the early stages of measles or when there is incomplete expression of the rash.  Also used for pruritic rashes due to wind-heat.
  • Moistens the intestines: for externally contracted toxins with such symptoms as sore throat, erythema, and maculopapular rashes, but where there is also internal heat causing constipation. Also used for constipation that occurs with other forms of toxicity, such as acne.


  • Chan Tui: dermatological issues.
  • Gan Cao, bee propylis: sore throat.


  • Yin Qiao San 


  • Can be used for measles, mumps, exzema, or other forms of toxic heat in the skin.