Front-Mu point of the Lung Meeting point of the Lung and Spleen channels Location: On the lateral aspect of the chest, in the first intercostal space, 6 cun lateral to the midline, 1 cun inferior to LU2. Actions:
  • Disseminates and descends Lung qi and alleviates cough and wheezing
  • Transforms phlegm, clears heat and regulates the water passages
  • Descends Stomach qi
  • Cough, coughing turbid phlegm, coughing blood and pus, dyspnea, wheezing, asthma, fullness of the chest, chest pain, breathing with raised shoulders, oppression of the chest and difficulty in breathing, diminished qi with inability to lie down.
  • Heat in the chest, aversion to cold, chills and fever, sweating.
  • Throat painful obstruction, nasal congestion, swelling of the face.
  • Difficult ingestion, vomiting, Gall Bladder heat vomiting, retching, abdominal distention.
  • Skin pain, running piglet qi with lumbar pain, goitre, pain of the upper back and shoulder.
  • Primarily used for excess pathogenic factors obstructing the Lung: cough, coughing of turbid phlegm, coughing blood and pus, dyspnea, asthma, wheezing, fullness and oppression of the chest, chest pain.
  • Also when such patterns are accompanied by congestion of the nose and throat or swelling of the face.
  • Also when such patterns are accompanied by vomiting, retching and abdominal distension (the Lung channel originates in the lower jiao).
  • As the front-mu point mainly treats the zang rather than the channel.